Cup Winners 2017










1 DR. JACKSON CUP Champion Fell Pony  A W Morland
2 MRS FIELD CUP Dales Brood Mare & Foal D&A Eccles
3 JIM TUNSTALL TROPHY Best Dales Pony Foal  D&A Eccles
4 DR. SHEPHERD CUP Dales Mare or Gelding Ridden R Cook
5 OSMOND CUP Champion Dales Pony  LT Daley & Sons
6 KNIX STUD TROPHY Best Ridden Shetland E Reed
7 EDWARDS TROPHY     Champion Shetland Pony S Dowson
  MEMORIAL TROPHY    Champion Piebald/Skewbald  K Harvey
10 CRACKENTHORPE STUD Best Riding Horse over 14.2h E Butterworth
11 M J THORNTON TROPHY Champion Riding Pony Breed  J Chapman
12 FELL & DALES CATERING TROPHY Best Local Lead Rein Pony G Shuttleworth
13 H FAWCETT SPECIAL PRIZE  Best Turned Out Pony M Metcalfe
14 MR & MRS R HUNTER CUP Best Local Pony J Chapman
15 RICHARDSON CUP Champion Children’s Riding Pony S Jones
16 RAYMOND BROWN CUP Best Rider under 10 Years M Metcalf
17 G W BECKWITH TROPHY Best Rider 10 to 14 Years N Chapman
18 MARIE TAYLOR TROPHY Best Rider over 14 Years E Butterworth
19 TODHUNTER TROPHY Highest Place Junior Whip G Taylor
20 G M HOPPS CUP Open Driving Class     C Parker
21 W BROUGH CUP Marathon Drive  B Lund
22 MR R. MILBURN TROPHY Mounted Fancy Dress G Shuttleworth
23 DANCER MEMORIAL CUP Best Gymkhana Pony M Harvey
24 TOM ALLINSON TROPHY Professional Waller James Kidd
25 IKE DENT MEMORIAL CUP Amateur Waller  Ian Smithson
26 ROSE BOWL Judges Discretion Not Awarded
27 J A WEARMOUTH TANKARD Best Vintage Tractor J D Dent
28 A F FEEDS TROPHY Best Swaledale Ram Lamb  M C & A E Staley
29 CHAPMAN TROPHY Champion in Swaledale Classes T Brogden
30 EDEN FARM SUPPLIES CUP  Champion in Swaledale Classes T Brogden
31 CENTENARY CUP Champion in Local Swaledale Classes      T Brogden
32 LOWTHIAN TROPHY Most Points (Swaledale)  T Brogden
33  MR & MRS J HAIGH CUP Best Swaledale (Small Breeders)  T Bainbridge
34  F J MISKELLY/WILSON CUP  Champion in Rough Fells  S &W Dickinson
35 R T DENT CUP Champion in Scotch Classes Messrs Birkbeck
36 R T DENT TANKARD Best Scottish Type -Scotch Classes  Messrs Birkbeck
37 GOLDEN FLEECE CUP Champion in Scotch Classes (opposite sex)  A Main
38 HOGGARTH CUP Best 3 Sheep (Scotch)  A Main
39 POSNER CUP Gimmer Lamb (Scotch)  Messrs Birkbeck
40 HSBC CUP Best Pen of Five Mule Lambs JC&E Pedley & Sons
41 C J FAIRLESS CUP Champion Mule Lamb  JC&E Pedley & Sons
42 G W DENT CUP Champion B F Leicester  JC&E Pedley & Sons
43 W McWHIRTER CUP Champion B F Leicester (Local)  JC&E Pedley & Sons
43 A.ROOKBY CUP Best B F Leicester Lamb JC&E Pedley & Sons
44 F TUFTON TROPHY Champion Texel T Pyeman
45 J H GRAVES CUP Champion Herdwick                                IK & AM Grisedale
46 GREEN TREE PHARMACY TROPHY  Champion Beltex  K & R Buckle
47 BUCKLES FARM TROPHY                 Best Group of Three (Beltex)  K & R Buckle
48 J A RITCHIE TROPHY                         Champion Suffolk                                              Not Awarded
49 H.C. JENKINSON TROPHY                            Champion Lleyn        J & A Barrow
49A MRS L SANDERSON QUAICH        Champion A.O.B.      R Hewitt
50 G A SLACK TROPHY                         Young Sheep Handler (11 to 16) M Bainbridge
50A SOCIETY CUP                                     Young Sheep Handler (10 or under) H Wharton
51 MRS E M DENT TROPHY                  Best Two Prime Lambs M Jenkinson
52 R T DENT CUP                                    Best Two Prime Lambs (Lowland)  Messrs Birkbeck
53 J BIRKBECK CUP                                Best Two Prime Lambs (Hill Breed)  A Main
54 PENRITH & DISTRICT AUCTION MART CUP Best Sheep in Show K & R Buckle
55 J DEIGHTON CUP Most Points (Potato Classes K Roper
56 SOCIETY CUP Most Points (Local Veg. Classes)  J & C Dowson
57 J G SMITH CUP Most Points Veg. Classes  K Roper
58 SOCIETY TROPHY Best Three Onions (under 8oz) any variety  K Roper
59 KILVINGTON CUP Most Points (Veg. And Flowers)  K Roper
60 MRS PEART CUP 2 Gladioli  J & C Dowson
61 T BINKS TROPHY Most Points (Flowers) K Roper
62 E WILSON CUP 2 Dahlias (4 Miles Radius) J & C Dowson
63 SOCIETY TROPHY Best Geranium any variety- T G Hastwell
64 T W LOWTHIAN PLAQUE Best Exhibit (Floral Art)  A Hastwell
65 MRS G ROBINSON TROPHY Most Points (Floral Art) A Hastwell
66 MRS C WARRINGTON CUP Co-operative Effort Nateby & Wharton WI
67 GEOFFREY & ANNE HASTWELL CUP Most Points (Confectionery) A Scott
68 DR. R GIBB CUP                                  Most Points (Miscellaneous) J Todhunter
  68A  DAVID YEADELL TROPHY            Best Picture R Haywood
69 MR & MRS T G HASTWELL CUP      Most Points (Handicrafts)  S R Townend
70 DR. & MRS BAINBRIDGE CUP Most Points (Ladies Section)  J Todhunter
71 SOCIETY CUP Most Points (Runner Up) S R Townend
72 TAPPING TROPHY Best Exhibit in Photography Classes D Clatworthy
73 JILL TARN TROPHY Most Points in Photography Classes  J Tunstall
74 DINWOODIE CUP                  Most Points (Children’s Flower Classes) A Marmont
75 LANCASTER TROPHY Most Points (Children’s Confectionery)  S Winder
76 COULTHARD TROPHY Most Points (Children’s Art Classes)  L Pattinson
77 R H ALDERSON (TALLENTIRE CUP)  Best Large Bird J Benson
78 SOCIETY CUP Best Bantam J Rodgers
79 MRS J RUDD CUP Best Bird  J Rodgers
80 HILTON CUP Best Male Bird G & N Thornton
81 J I ALLONBY TANKARD Best Soft Feather Bantam  J Rodgers
82 J HARRISON TROPHY Best Children’s Bantam  S Clapham
83 MRS. D. DIXON PLAQUE Best Rabbit  M Dixon
84 SOCIETY CUP Best Rabbit  M Dixon
88 C. LAMB TROPHY Veteran Dog or Bitch (7 years or older)   J Murray
89 WREN TROPHY Champion Dog or Bitch  L Stephenson
90 SCAWDALE CUP Best Opposite Sex (to Champion Dog)  F Taylor
91 CAITLIN PRIZE Best Young Handler (to be kept) A Eastham
92 LINDORE CUP Best Groomed Dog, Junior (to be kept)  J Ellwood
93 LITTLEFAIR CUP Best Trade Stand Display  Eden Farm Supplies
94 CATH DAVIS CUP Best Male Baking N Pattinson
95 JAMES W H DAVIS CUP Best Swale Ewe, Produced Lamb in Year P Sowerby
96 BRWMSIAN TROPHY                        Best Childs Veteran Pony M Harvey